Al & Judy FrostWelcome to our photo gallery. We began the Great Loop on October 2, 2004! from Seneca, Illinois and traversed the intercoastal waterways of the Eastern United States.

Within one month we readied for the Loop. Mega paper and electronic charts on board, galley stowed, a few clothes for different seasons, some repair work finalized and we were underway on our adventure of a lifetime.

Every day is a new experience -- using radar navigating the Cal Sag in the fog at night, a white knuckle experience; navigating around barge traffic on the rivers; mastering locks with different tie-ups; staying awake all night at anchorage for fear the anchor will give way; the unknown of what kind of slip and marina you will pull into for the night; a crossing from Carrabelle to Tarpon Springs in less than perfect weather; navigating through lake Michigan with six foot following seas; dodging crab pots on the Gulf; not to mention learning all the intricacies of the inner workings of our trusty Rainbow Seeker.

We have been asked a million questions. Some think we are the most adventurous couple they know. Some think we must be independently wealthy to be able to afford the time and expense. Some think we are nuts to even attempt such a voyage. Adventurous? Yes. Independently wealthy? Definitely not. Nuts? A little maybe. Enthralled for the opportunity of this lifetime dream come true? Absolutely, and thankful for a safe voyage. The good Lord is certainly watching over us as we explore the beautiful waterways of the Eastern United States.

Rainbow SeekerThis boat has been ideal. And, no, we will not become live-aboards but will put Rainbow Seeker up for sale upon our return in July 2005.

We hope you enjoy sharing our trip with us through our website. We thank our children, relatives and friends, old and new, for their support and encouragement along our travels.


Al and Judy Frost
Aboard Rainbow Seeker on the Loop

Rainbow SeekerWe are members of the American Great Loop Cruisers Association

Our website is collaboration with our sons, Eric and Jon. We are sincerely grateful for their dedication to this project.

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